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Re: Parsing package filenames (was: Re: New ftp method for dselect)

> a change in package
> naming conventions which is not backwards compatable with current
> naming conventions might have substantial impact on any 2nd-generation
> mirrors (and those 1st-generation mirrors which don't make special
> arrangements to mitigate the impact)

Yes. Well, we can warn them and make the cut-over at a well-defined time.
However, I would prefer not to promote the feeling that the file arrangement
is cast in concrete because of the mirrors.

> and/or might impact anyone
> who has implemented package-naming sensitive local scripts for
> whatever local-concern reason, working from our published packaging
> guidelines and/or from inspection of our package naming patterns.

I don't think they'll have tremendous problems. It's good that Brian
White publishes his script - otherwise we'd have more different ones
than we have now.

My feeling is that the longer we leave the problem un-solved, the worse
it's going to get. A clear statement of what will change from Ian Murdock,
with a date upon which FTP access will be turned off while the change takes
place, would ease most of the problems we expect to see. Of course, any
other FTP changes should take place at the same time - renaming of trees,


Bruce Perens <Bruce@Pixar.com> Pixar Animation Studios

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