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Bug#2036: Printer stuck #2.

Please, do not be offended but an introductory book to Unix may help you
here (to a degree).

> 1. I didn't have lp installed since the installation parameter screen
> for this said "line printer", not just "printer".

``Line printer'' is as valid in Linux as a ``tty'' device name.  We do
not have line printers, nor teletype machines for quite a while.  We
call any directly connected printer a line printer and any character
oriented terminal a ``tty''.  Just a name,  you see.
Enable your line printer.  It's OK.

> 2. I ran: insmod lp
> the result:

> Module:        #pages:  Used by:
> lp                 2

This is good.  The kernel accepted the ``line printer'' module and
allocated 8K of memory to it.  Once this is successful, do NOT run any
other mod utilities, mentioning the  lp name again.  I have it done at
boot time and forget it from then.  The only time it may be useful is if
you want another device (not a printer) hooked up to the parallel port
(this is where your printer is connected.  Right?).

> 3. lsmod >/dev/lp0
> returns: "bash: /dev/lp0: No such device"
> and I was logged in as root, too.

What you are trying to do here is to list all kernel loadable modules
and send the output of this listing to the printer.  Why?  The printer
does not work properly yet.
Also, run ls -l /dev/lp*.  See what it tells you.  It should look
something like:

crw-rw----   1 root     daemon     6,   0 Apr 27  1995 /dev/lp0
crw-rw----   1 root     daemon     6,   1 Apr 27  1995 /dev/lp1
crw-rw----   1 root     daemon     6,   2 Apr 27  1995 /dev/lp2

If it does not, this means that you do not have `device entries'' for
the line printer.
Do this:
    cd /dev
    sh ./MAKEDEV lp

if this barks, you can do
    /bin/mknod /dev/lp0 c 6 0
    /bin/mknod /dev/lp1 c 6 1
    /bin/mknod /dev/lp2 c 6 2
    /bin/chown root.daemon /dev/lp*
    /bin/chmod 660 /dev/lp*

Which is really the same thing.

> 4. Additionally, I had forgotten to mention that the Print Screen
button on this
>key board works with MS-DOS, but NEVER with Debian yet. (A real pain for a
> Linux novice trying to work around this bug by copying various help and data
> screens down by HAND! Especially during installation.)

You are right in your observation that this button does not work in
Linux line M$-DOS does but wrong in your conclusions.   There is a
package (Debian or not) called gpm.  You can get it from sunsite
someplace, or tsx-11 or many others.  What it does is enable the mouse
to cut and paste on your ``tty'' screen.  If you then use, say vi, for
editing or any mail program, you can cut the text you want, start your
editor, in insert mode, and paste the text you cut.
You can even have the editor on one virtual console and the program on
another.  (You switch consoles by doing ctl-alt-f[1-7].  So 1st cosole
is ctl-alt-F1, 2nd in ctl-alt-F2, etc.
Try this in DOS :-).  This allows you to not just print the screen to a
(not yet functional printer :-) but even mail it to bozos like me.

Linux in general, and Debian as well do not pretend to reduce a computer
to a toaster level.  Even toasters come with instructions and warnings.
Did you try recently to program a VCR?

What frustrates you is the unfamiliar teritory.  Linux is really a Unix
operating system, not a DOS extentions.  As such it is geared towards
multi-user, multi devices, great flexibility in configuration, etc.  Not
towards compatability with DOS.

Rest assured that Linux (and Debian as a distribution/packaging method)
is capable of printing on your printer.  Just be patient and count your
blessings you do not have to work/use an NT system.  Try to get a M$
engineer to give you as much time as others and myself give you. (They
charge you, ahead of time $150/hour and will NOT give you this level of
service, either).

If you need more help, please call on me. Even voice.  I'll try to help.


P.S.  Please ignore the below address and flame shimon@teleport.com.
      He receives and answers mail :-)

Simon Shapiro                                   Bullet Technologies, Inc.
shimon@Bullet-Tech.com                          13130 SW Haystack St.
(503) 524-6631                                  Beaverton, OR 97005

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