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Re: Packages/Contents under 0.93

Karl Ferguson writes ("Packages/Contents under 0.93"):
> I'm just wondering - does the Packages* and Contents* files really need
> to be updated every day?  There are no new packages being put in the
> 0.93 area, and therefor I'm no so sure we have to...  Just saves the
> mirrors downloading the same files over and over and over again etc.

Bruce Perens writes ("Re:  Packages/Contents under 0.93"):
> I suppose it would be trivial for the script to "cmp" the old file and the
> new and not replace the old file if they match.

Since this was easy, I've implemented it.

(The Packages file in development/, and the Packages-Master file, will
still not be updated until the FTP site organisation has been sorted
out - atm I don't have write access to the relevant bits of the


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