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Re: ALPHA release of apache-1.0.0-1 now available

'Michael Alan Dorman wrote:'
>> /usr/lib/apache is my choice for serverroot.  Where the documents go
>> is site-specific.  I'd like to also include an option to chroot httpd
>> to /usr/local/http or somesuch.  Can dpkg install a package under some
>> arbitrary directory?  If so then the preinst script might be able to get
>> everything into /usr/local/http and run httpd under chroot (for the
>> security paranoid).
>Uh, why would you want to chroot the httpd?  Wouldn't that cause mondo 
>problems, especially if we try and get it to do stuff like dynaloading 
>modules, etc.?
For extra security.  Like any chroot environment, you need to copy all
the shared libs into $chroot.  But if a complete list were determined,
it could be done in the postinst.  Net Access is currently running
apache in a chroot environment for extra security.  I think it would
be nice to add this feature (My only problem is I'm not sure dpkg can
handle it - Ian?).

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