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Re: coming soon

Bruce Perens writes ("Re: coming soon"):
> From: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>
> >[Bruce wrote:]
> >> 	4. The /etc/init.d/functions file will no longer be used.
> > Please make it exist and be empty so that existing programs don't
> > break.
> How about having it exist and have its _current contents_ and a warning
> not to use it?

No, because many scripts source it already when they don't need to,
and therefore break when invoked from the command prompt (it does
something nasty to $*, I believe).

Last time I checked there were no scripts that actually used any of
the facilities in /etc/init.d/functions, so there's no need to keep
its contents.

If we distribute it as an empty file all of these broken scripts will
magically start working, and we can then work on getting them fixed.

I second Ian M.'s comment about removing it from the `skeleton'
example file.


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