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0.93 -> 1.1 upgrade procedure?

I rendered by system nonfunctional today.  It wasn't entirely
unexpected, but it was disappointing.

I downloaded a snapshot of the development tree packages, and
ran dselect [I]nstall on them.  (Ian J. -- FYI, this was with
dpkg-1.0.5, subsequent to the problems I've emailed you about).
The result was a system which booted OK but hung on login.  I'm
guessing that this comes from the readline vs. bash problem which
was discussed here recently.

I had been running a hybrid system with the variously-revisioned
elf development packages announced on 11 Nov.  Those packages
are now lost from my system, and I've now dropped back to a
0.93R6 system.  What's the current recommended procedure for
installing elf and ncurses development upgrades to a 0.93R6

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