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Re: Debian & sysvinit and more..

I no longer maintain sysvinit--Bruce Perens does now.  You'll want
to talk with him.  (A few sysvinit-related discussions started last
week; it would be good for you to participate in them.  Are you on
the debian-devel mailing list?  If not, ask bruce@pixar.com to add

Could someone mail the latest copy of the Guidelines to Miquel?  (As
an aside, are they available anywhere on ftp.debian.org?  I don't think
they are yet; or, at least, I haven't moved anything into the archive.)

In short: We'd love to have you involved in the Debian Project.  I know
we were looking for a maintainer for inn a few weeks ago.  I'm not sure
if we found one.  Ian?


Ian Murdock.

On Sat, 9 Dec 1995, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:

> Hi,
>   I am considering a new release of my sysvinit (the last
> official one was 2.50, though debian and Slackware use 2.57).
> I've converted my system to Debian a couple of weeks ago and
> we also install it on customers machines. (We used to have
> our own distribution, but it the maintenance was too much work).
> Now since I use and support Debian, I'd like to make it
> as "debianized" as possible. However, you are the maintainer
> of debian-sysvinit. What would be wise? I have already
> converted all paths to the debian/FSSTND ones, and I will
> include the Debian /etc directory stucture instead of the
> old examples. But should I already include the debian.* files
> or should the package maintainer do that, so that my package
> stays generic and there is a well defined "base".
> The same goes for minicom, actually.
> Other questions. :)
> Since we install Debian on our own systems and on servers for
> customers, we need a stable server distribution. I've made
> Debian packages for sendmail-8.7.1 and INN-1.4UNOFF3 that run
> pretty well. (And sendmail can be autoconfigured). I am
> also considering making a package for apache since we also
> install that on most systems, and a new UUCP package since
> I hate to have all uucp commands in /usr/sbin while even the
> FSSTND recommends /usr/lib/uucp (which is also a nice place
> to put the uucp maintenance and reports scripts we use).
> Could you point me to documentation or a URL where I can
> find info on how to contribute this back into Debian
> (if people are interested ofcourse).
> Thanks, Mike.
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