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Bug#2033: efax installation problems

>   Robert> 2. /usr/bin/fax should probably no longer be listed in conffiles.
> No! It is a conffile because /usr/bin/fax, a bash script, was the
> only place to set your local fax settings as serial port, modem capabilities,
> INIT strings, phone number, prinyer what have you.

While /usr/bin/fax was the only place you could set these things previously, I
can understand this. But now that there is /etc/efax.rc, is this still
necessary? Perhaps a preinst script could detect whether configurations need
to be extracted from /usr/bin/fax (and put into /etc/efax.rc) before it is

If it is listed in conffiles, then it won't go away when I remove the package,
leaving (broken) executable software on my system. :(

> Part a) is not a bug because /usr/spool is a soft link to /var/spool.

True; the feeling I've been getting is that software should try to use the
"correct" path instead wherever possible, but I agree this is probably rather

Thanks for the quick followup.

Robert Leslie

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