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Bug#2033: efax installation problems

  Robert Leslie writes:
  Robert>  Package: efax
  Robert>  Version: 07a-2
  Robert> 1. The postinst script says to modify /usr/bin/fax, but it should
  Robert> probably now say /etc/efax.rc instead.

Thanks, I will modify that for the next release.

  Robert> 2. /usr/bin/fax should probably no longer be listed in conffiles.

No! It is a conffile because /usr/bin/fax, a bash script, was the
only place to set your local fax settings as serial port, modem capabilities,
INIT strings, phone number, prinyer what have you.

Suppose you added your stuff to /usr/bin/fax. Now you install a new efax. If
it is not a conffile, dpkg will silently overwrite your settings in
/usr/bin/fax with a fresh and unmodified efax --- so that your old settings
are _lost_. Hardly desirable.

  Robert> 3. The software looks for spool files in /usr/spool/fax, but: a. It
  Robert> should probably look in /var/spool/fax instead, and b. This
  Robert> directory (and various subdirectories) are not created during
  Robert> installation (I have no idea what mode they should have?)

Part a) is not a bug because /usr/spool is a soft link to /var/spool.  Part
b) is a bug. This is due to the qfax patches for efax that I included in this
release. Qfax is an email-to-fax gateway to be used with efax. Qfax will be
available in January as it's prospective maintainer told me.

I will bugs 1. and 3b. Thanks for spotting them.

Dirk Eddelb|ttel                                http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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