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X package shared library problem

If the new xlib and xdevel packages are installed in the wrong order then 
the various *.so symlinks for the new libraries won't be made correctly. 
Check that the /usr/X11R6/lib/libX11.so symlink exists and points to 
libX11.so.6, and if it doesn't then re-install xdevel.

This is quite a nasty problem; no error messages are produced. Binaries 
just get linked statically, and unless you're looking out for this then 
you might not notice. I almost released a statically linked xpilot...

The problem is caused by ldconfig; when it is run in the xlib postrm, it
deletes the .so link. It doesn't replace this link when it's run in the
xlib postinst. 

Can this be considered to be a bug in ldconfig?

Steve Early

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