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Re: X package shared library problem

> The problem is caused by ldconfig; when it is run in the xlib postrm, it
> deletes the .so link. It doesn't replace this link when it's run in the
> xlib postinst. 

This is why I suggested a couple of days ago that ldconfig should not
be run from any postrm scripts.  It should only be run from postinst

> Can this be considered to be a bug in ldconfig?

Which part, deleting the link in the first place or not recreating it?

The latter is not a bug.  Ldconfig will never create the links needed
by ld as long as I'm maintaining it.

I'm open to suggestions on how to correct the former problem.  What
I'm leaning towards is to have ldconfig continue to remove dangling
libfoo.so.* links but not libfoo.so links.

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