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Re: Erick Branderhorst Saves the World...

> His suggestion was that ncurses-base should provid ncurses-runtime (and
> conflict with it) while ncurses3.0-dev did the same for ncurses-developer. 
> This would, for instance, allow you to install ncurses-base without having
> to uninstall ncurses-runtime *and* without you having to use
> --force-depends. 
> Does anybody have any problems with this?  If not, I'll implement it ASAP.

But won't dpkg still force you to remove ncurses-runtime before you
can install nurses-base and the same for ncurses-developer and
ncurses3.0-dev?  Perhaps we need a new control file field, such as
'Replaces' or 'Supercedes', that tells dpkg to automatically remove
the old package when the new one is installed.  Or is this capability
already there and I just don't know about it yet?

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