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Erick Branderhorst Saves the World...

Well, actually, all he did was suggest an excellent solution for something
that had been bothering me about the ncurses packages: 

When installing ncurses-base, you have to do all sorts of special things
using dpkg to get dpkg to pretend that you're not messing things up by
removing ncurses-runtime first.  Same for ncurses3.0-dev. 

His suggestion was that ncurses-base should provid ncurses-runtime (and
conflict with it) while ncurses3.0-dev did the same for ncurses-developer. 
This would, for instance, allow you to install ncurses-base without having
to uninstall ncurses-runtime *and* without you having to use

Does anybody have any problems with this?  If not, I'll implement it ASAP.

"I'm a dinosaur.  Somebody's digging my bones."

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