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Bug#2002: Missing manpages

Before I knew about the Free-BSD man pages, I started to build man pages
for the diff utilities from the diff info file and from their usage
statements.  In particular, I had made a man page for 'cmp' that way.  When
you (Jeff) pointed out the existence of the FreeBSD page, I incorporated
information that was in it but which had previously been unclear (at least
to me) from the info and usage statements.

The FreeBSD page for 'cmp' is now outdated, since 'cmp' supports more flags
and handles some arguments in different ways; it would not be surprising to
find out that the same was true for the other diff utilities.  Therefore, my
current plan is to finish building revised man pages for diff, sdiff, and
diff3 using all of the info mentioned by everyone; then I plan to
upload it to Paul Eggert, to distribute with the code if that's what he'd
like to do.  Paul is absolutely right that it is a pain to maintain several
information resources, so I'm not soooo sure he'll want to incorporate this
in a release.

Meantime, I'm writing to Jordan Hubbard, to determine whether it's OK to
use any text they'd written in their pages.

Susan Kleinmann

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