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Bug#2011: very silly messages from rsh

Ian Jackson wrote:
> I was logged into chiark as ian.  I have permission (according to
> .rhosts files) to log into myrddin as iwj10.  root exists on myrddin;
> ijackson and nonexistent do not.
> The bug involving quoting the remote dpkg -l invocation appears to be
> a bizarre interaction between the now-infamous libc GNU getopt bug and
> rsh/rshd.
> -chiark:~/mail> rsh myrddin -l ijackson echo hi
> myrddin.chu.cam.ac.uk: Address already in use

That's a bug in libc (just like the "unknown server error" for non
existing hosts). The same source works with older libraries. I'll
reassign the bug to libc.

> -chiark:~/mail> rsh myrddin -l iwj10 echo hi
> hi
> -chiark:~/mail> rsh myrddin -l root echo hi
> Permission denied.

That's correct, the rshd won't allow root logins.

> -chiark:~/mail> rsh myrddin -l nonexistent echo hi
> myrddin.chu.cam.ac.uk: Address already in use
> -chiark:~/mail> rsh myrddin -l iwj10 dpkg -l '"net*"'
> myrddin.chu.cam.ac.uk: Address already in use

As you already said, it's the getopt bug + another libc4 bug.


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