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Downloading from US sites

Hi all,

finally I have got my network connection up to speed with accepable
transfer rates when connected to european sites and I'm trying hard to
download David's work from ftp.ods.com, but at about 100 cps this is a
pain in the ...

With current phone rates that's 3.35DM/MB and will be as high as
5.24DM/MB next year, note that these are only local phone calls!

While I'm keen of contributing to the Debian project, I just can't
afford the phone bill at these transfer rates.

Some weeks ago I suggested decentralization of ftp.debian.org using
rdist to keep sites in sync. While the problem has been taken care of
for uploading, I don't know of a mirror where I can find packages
freshly uploaded to ftp.debian.org as of yet.

I'm thinking of adding a 1G disk at my new provider's site to mirror
debian including the ALPHA-TEST subtree, but there are political
objections from an upstream site to make it publicly available (You
know who you are).

Your comments are welcome.


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