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legal to export DES outside of the US via Canada? (fwd)

I was reading this tidbit of info and thought some of you might like it...

Anyway to make our DES legal All I have to have is a canadian mirror site 
who will mirror EVERYTHING from the tree then all out of US mirror sites 
mirror from this point. This would fix our export problem without 
breaking any laws.

YEAH! Canada is good for something :) *grin*


  ------- Forwarded Message
  Subject: crypto software export
  Date: Fri, 08 Dec 1995 12:05:22 -0700
  Precedence: bulk
  I just got confirmation from the Canadian government that free
  software is not controlled by any cryptographic export or usage laws
  in Canada.
  Yes, this means we're free to include any and all cryptographic stuff
  that we want in any place in the source tree, as long as licensing,
  patent, etc. issues are handled.
  The actual text of the law is being mailed to me. I'll be able to
  quote from it later if anyone wants further details.
  BTW, in a twist of law, when I asked about ITAR the gentleman said
  that ITAR doesn't enter into the picture at all. Apparently one could
  bring ITAR code into Canada, and the Canadian government has no law on
  the books to prevent it from being re-exported to the world.  I'd
  always suspected this loophole; the fellow picked up rather quickly on
  what I was suggesting.....  and made it clear that there'd be no law
  to prevent one from doing so! (not that I want to re-export ITAR)
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