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Bug#1995: run-parts on laptops

Package: miscutils
Version: 1.3
Revision: 5

run-parts should probably not do what it normally does, when a laptop
doesn't have AC power.  This could be implemented with something along
the lines of:

die "helpful message\n"
	unless system "grep 'AC: off line' /proc/apm 2>/dev/null";

Presumably, the helpful message would identify some option to use
(e.g. manually) to get run-parts to do its thing even without external
power.  That is, there should be some option (or lack of option) for
run-parts to run even without external power, and when run-parts shuts
down for lack of power, it should document this option and the original

The logic here is that hard disk access on a laptop is very hard on
the battery.  Running find from cron.daily or cron.weekly could drain
the battery entirely, leaving an unusable system.


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