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Re: backup software in /bin or /usr/bin ?

  IanJ> What I'm thinking of doing is providing a generic mechanism for
  IanJ> package X to say "install /foo/bar as /spong/wibble instead".

The public discussion is completely removed from my initial question about
where to put backup software. Private mail was in support of /bin and /sbin.

I am going to put afio and tob in the root partition. There are three reason
for doing so: (a) both programs are very small (20 kb and 45 kb respectively), 
(b) both are obtional (if you don't want them on /, don't install them), (c)
the fsstnd recommends it.

Dirk Eddelb|ttel                                http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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