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Re: Need information for new developers...

   Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 17:30:44 +0100
   From: sr1@irz301.inf.tu-dresden.de (Sven Rudolph)

   The Maintainers FAQ says:
   : *********************************************
   : Question 6
   : How to I commit to maintaining a new package?
   : *********************************************
   : Send e-mail to Ian Murdock <imurdock@debian.org> indicating your
   : desire to maintain the package.  Carbon-copy the message to Jim Robinson
   : <jimr@simons-rock.edu>, the maintainer of the list of maintainers.

   AFAIK at least Jim Robinsons isn't involved in this anymore, so don't
   rely on the mail addresses above.  In my "Hints for Contributing"
   document I pointed nearly everything to my mail address, and I'd
   continue to do the handling of the prospective package maintainers

Thanks, Sven.

Prospective contributors: It's a good idea to tell Sven when you're
working on a new package, and also to ask Bruce Perens
(bruce@pixar.com) to add you to the debian-devel mailing list if you
plan on maintaining it.  It isn't *required* that you do so--that is,
if you make a package without telling Sven that you're working on it,
we'll still accept the contribution.  But it's a good idea for you to
do so, to avoid duplicated effort.

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