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Re:bag of worms...

Not a legal Eagle but MHO:

Encrypt-only routines, are typically OK.  Encrypt/decrypt are Atom Bomb
class material. We USers do not want you, natives to be able to have
secrets from us, nor the ability to have any of our citizens exchange
secrets with you non-US natives (unless you bribe us, that is).  So,
have a password, encrypt it,  do not decrypt it, but send your
encrypted/decryptable messages only in DES.  We can crack that.  If we
can get away with it, we will fobid all commoners from encrypting
(unless we have the key, that is), regardless of citizenship.

Before you flame me too much, the above was a twisted-humor way to say
that in my humble opinion, encrypt-only is OK, and, in the US, DES is OK
and if you are a big computer copmpany with a powerful loby in DC, you
can do what you please.


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