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Bug#1931: less" doesn't work on /proc files

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Bruce Perens wrote:

> Note that "ls" lists the length of /proc/filesystems
> as "0", but read() will get more than 0 data. Less doesn't know that
> /proc files are special in this way, and treats them as a 0-length file.
> You could argue that this is a bug in the semantics of the proc filesystem.
> For now, I think we should fix "less" to not abandon any attempt to read a
> file when stat() says it's 0-length.

I do so argue.  However, I've uploaded an updated a.out less package
with a hacked-in workaround for this.

Would the kernel package maintainer please report this as a bug to
the kernel group?  Both stat() and lseek() seem to be broken for
proc filesystem files.

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