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Re: Siggy responsibe for gcc/libc/libg++?

> I'd be more than willing to do gcc for an indefinite time span, if that 
> would free you up for more stuff.  My real impetus for all this work, 

OK.  After I finish gcc-2.7.2 and binutils-, you can have them.
They are building right now.  I wish that extra 16 meg of RAM I
ordered last week would have arrived today. :-(  BTW, if you aren't
already on it, you should join the linux-gcc@vger.rutgers.edu mailing

> though, was just to get a working copy of the latest libg++, but that 
> sort of forces one to get all three working.  libc is a real (expletive 
> deleted).

I'm hoping the current versions build more cleanly, but I haven't
tried them yet.  I hope to get to libc soon, but libg++ may still be a
while unless someone else wants to try it.

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