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Re: Responsibility for gcc/libc/libg++?

> If they're not already claimed, I would be interested in taking them over. 
> In fact, I've got gcc 2.7.2 already packaged up (Ian Murdock's diffs to
> 2.6.3 applied flawlessly over 2.7.2). 

ELF or a.out?  I think Siggy (?) may have claimed gcc and possibly
libc but he was been waiting to get his net connection upgraded before
doing anything.  While that's been happening, I'm trying my best to
get various development packages updated to ELF.  I will be uploading
new gcc and binutils packages tonight or tomorrow.

> I had been thinking, though, that it might be "best" (whatever that means)
> to change the debian.rules so that we actually get the self-compiled &
> tested compiler in our package. 

The easiest way to do this is simply to build with the old compiler,
install the new compiler and then rebuild with the new compiler.

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