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Bug#1848: git gets segv

+ Problem:
+ The color selection from /usr/lib/git/term/.gitrc.common works well on the
+ console, but not so in a rxvt---object files appear blue on blue and are
+ invisible because the tones of blue are actually the same in an rxvt.  I
+ copied that colour section from that .gitrc.common. into my ~/.gitrc.linux
+ and changed them. Then git gets a SIGV and ask to report that to the author.

On 11 Nov, you said:

> This is a known bug.  It has been fixed in 4.3.8, which will be
> available at prep.ai.mit.edu (/pub/gnu) in a few days.  Stay tuned.

I note that prep.ai.mit.edu is still at git-4.3.7.tar.gz.  I wonder if you
have an update on the availability schedule for git-4.3.8.

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