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Re: Bug#1881: Majordomo UID wrong?

Richard Kettlewell writes ("Re: Bug#1881: Majordomo UID wrong?"):
> When I announced my intention to create a Majordomo package I posted
> to debian-devel asking about acquiring a fixed uid/gid pair for it
> (which would have made the job of Debianising it slightly easier).
> The only response was the suggestion that it could be allocated on the
> fly, so I did that.

I didn't see that, or I would have objected.

Packages that want to ship files in the .deb file which are owned by
their own group should get a gid allocated by the base maintainer.

I suppose that now you've arranged to allocate it dynamically it'll be
hard to change, but it's going to be hard to avoid having intervals
around upgrades at least where either unauthorised users can write to
the files or the system won't work because of permissions problems.


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