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Bug#1881: Majordomo UID wrong?

>>It seems that after I installed the majordomo package it placed the
>>folowwing entry in /etc/passwd:
>What is supposed to happen is that the preinst creates a group and
>user for majordomo; files are supposed to be in the .deb file owned by
>user majordom and group majordom, and represented in the tar file
>inside the .deb file by text strings - so that they get set to
>whatever numeric values were set up by the preinst.

How is this userid determined?  I've been talking with Ian and Bruce to get
a fixed userid allocated for "gnats" because it needs a common id across
all machines on which it is used.  They are going to reserve me an id
just for this purpose.

                                 ( bcwhite@bnr.ca )

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