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Bug#1887: cfengine 1.2.14-2: documentation errors

Bill Mitchell:
   In my own packages, I've been trying to provide debianized docs
   which change references to /usr/local to just plain /usr where it's
   clear from the context that this would be incorrect on a debian
   system.  I've come to think that even this amount of twiddling the
   upstream docs may be too much, and debian would be better off to
   adopt a policy of leaving such references untouched and providing
   clear info in system docs that such references in debian package
   docs should be taken as references to files in /usr, and not in


I don't see the point in prohibiting such work.  However, it is work
to make these kinds of corrections...

Ideally, once software is configured to be installed at some
destination, the installed form of the documentation should also
receive this configuration information [unless location doesn't need
to be mentioned at all].  Ideally this should be supported by the
software's author.

We've got a lot a fairly complex package specification already, let's
not complicate it with needless rules.


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