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Bug#1887: cfengine 1.2.14-2: documentation errors

On Wed, 22 Nov 1995, Chris Fearnley wrote:

> The info documentation included refers to /usr/local/bin/cfengine when
> Debian's cfengine is installed in /usr/bin/cfengine.

I'm closing this without action.

I've looked at the cfengine info files, and I think it's clear
from the context that the references to /usr/local are examples.

However, I've done some grepping around in /usr/info and
in /usr/man/* and found numerous other packages which make
references to /usr/local.

In my own packages, I've been trying to provide debianized docs
which change references to /usr/local to just plain /usr where
it's clear from the context that this would be incorrect on
a debian system.  I've come to think that even this amount of
twiddling the upstream docs may be too much, and debian would
be better off to adopt a policy of leaving such references
untouched and providing clear info in system docs that such
references in debian package docs should be taken as references
to files in /usr, and not in /usr/local.


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