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Re: Well folks...

> Folks I have two choices for you..
> 1 I bring the machine down now to fix the problem and unpgrade the OS to 
> current released version.
> OR
> 2 I wait for Christmas break take the machine down for "3 Weeks" and do 
> it up right. This also means the machine will have its ups and downs over 
> the next three weeks while we wait.

Is there a possibility of finding a machine to take over as ``ftp.debian.org''
while the upgrade happens?  Too often it seems that a minor fix snowballs into
a major problem.  If we can set up such a replacement system, even temporarily,
it would allow the upgrade to be installed and tested in less of a rush and
any problems would be invisible to the external users.  (Obviously, it would
be ideal if we could keep the secondary system as a "hot backup"... but
here I'm dreaming.)

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