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Re: aout-* packages

> > Are these new aout-* packages going to stay the same name forever?
> Probably as long as we support a.out.
> > And also, 
> > are there going to be elf-* packages under the debian-1.0 tree too?
> The elf-* packages were experimental packages, for those maintainers that
> wanted too look ahead towards ELF; they kind of treated ELF as a cross-compile
> platform, using /usr/i486-linuxelf.
> They are now rapidly being obseleted.
> Since 1.0 is going to be ELF (meaning that all its binaries will be ELF, and
> that it compiles for ELF by default), with backward compatibility to compile 
> and run a.out binaries, new packages are being made, that put their ELF stuff 
> in the standard locations, and treat a.out as a cross-compile platform.
> E.g. 
> elf-gcc-2.7.0 used /usr/i486-linuxelf; it is superseded by the new
> gcc-2.7.0, which uses /usr/{bin,lib,...}. This conflicts with the 
> old gcc, which also used these directories, and which is therefore replaced by
> aout-gcc, which uses /usr/i486-linuxaout.
> Currently, the following parts of this transition are done or nearly done:
> gcc, binutils, libc, libgdbm, libreadline.
> As far as I can see, the following packages will have to go through this 
> transition: electric-fence, libdb (part of libc4, but not of libc5; I'll take 
> a look at this), libg++, libident, libncurses.
> David, can you comment on this list?

Why?  I think you answered it rather well. :-)

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