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Packages available

I have taken over the installation system from Ian Murdock, and need
some time to work on that. I'm going to convert it to ELF, go to a
one-floppy install, and eventually rewrite the installation interface
in C++, with multi-language support, using Ncurses forms. I need to do
work on the "base" package, including splitting it into sub-packages.
I also want to take some time to finish Debian's ham radio support.

I don't think I can do this much work without blocking critical paths
in other areas, given my current task load. Thus, I'm looking for
package maintainers for the following packages. Note that all but
two of these are critical components of the system.

	The Kernel: This includes both 1.2.13 and 1.3.42 (or whatever
		the numbers are this week) packaged in the image, source,
		and includes packages. Experience required.

	miscutils: needs a lot of detail work.

	mount: a few error message bugs and such still exist.

	procmail: routine upstream version tracking only.

	setserial: version tracking and bug fixes required.

	rspfd: routine upstream version tracking only.

	syslinux: routine upstream version tracking only.

The candidate should be able to build and upload initial ELF versions of
the packages within a week or so of taking them on.
Please be sure you can technically handle the task, and can allocate the
time required.


		Bruce Perens
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