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Re: Setting up a PPP server

On Thu, 16 Nov 1995, Brian Hutchinson wrote:
> Has anyone setup a PPP server under Debian?
> I tried a few times with R5 without much luck.

I set one up under R5.  I'm looking to redo some of that work because the 
pppd in R6 should be able to act without a getty on the serial port which 
means you can use PAP and CHAP for authentication quite easily.

> I am about to try again with R6 and would like to know
> who to go to with questions without much clutter on this
> list.

I don't know what problems you had before, but I for one could never, 
ever, get agetty to pick up my modems properly.  I compiled mgetty and 
used that and had no problems.

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