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Re: ELF packages

> > I've moved the new ELF packages that David and Ray are working on to
> > /debian/private/project/elf.  As soon as they give the word, I'll move
> > them into the distribution.  For now, I urge everyone to upgrade their
> > copies of gcc, libc, etc., as we're going to start wanting to building
> > ELF packages fairly soon.
> As far as I'm concerned, the aout-* packages are ready to go into
> the distribution.
> I'll be uploading new ELF libc5, binutils and gcc packages later
> tonight or tomorrow morning.  The only change is that they explicitly
> "conflict" with and "provide" the elf-* equivalents.  These should
> also be moved into the distribution.

When these are moved, my packages can be moved too. There'll be probably
be some minor changes, but they are ready as far as I can see.

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