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Revised resorted bugs list

Right, I think I've fixed the bug that caused it to list bugs that had
been marked as done.  There is a file (well, three files actually) on
ftp.debian.org that can override the Maintainer field from the
packages in the archive; I've edited this a little, but there are
probably still remaining problems.

If you upload a revised package this file will automatically catch up;
otherwise you can mail Ian M. or myself and we can edit the file.


 Package      Ref   Subject

Nils Rennebarth <support@building.pan-net.de> (1 bugs):
 gpm          1669  shutdown hangs on gpm -k until mouse is moved

Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd@qed.econ.queensu.ca> (1 bugs):
 acct         1737  missing man pages for accouting commands

Robert Read <rread@ic.net> (1 bugs):
 ftape        1615  ftape package contains only source

Matt Porter <porter+@osu.edu> (1 bugs):
 lrzsz        1635  revision should be package_revision

gthomas@native-ed.bc.ca (Guy R. Thomas) (1 bugs):
 dld          1488  dld control file dsccription problem

dgregor@gregor.com (D.J. Gregor) (1 bugs):
 unclutter    1779  unclutter - I need -noevents

Kenneth MacDonald <K.MacDonald@ed.ac.uk> (1 bugs):
 linuxdoc-s   1830  version of doc behind linuxdoc package

Robert Sanders <Robert.Sanders@linux.org> (2 bugs):
 strace       1205  strace doesn't compile with newer kernel sources
 strace       1539  strace source package does not compile

Giuseppe Vacanti <vacanti@bart.nl> (2 bugs):
 diald        1611  Diald 0.10 man pages
 diald        1613  diald: minor typo in config-script

dhs@firefly.com (David H. Silber) (2 bugs):
 fortune      1118  fortune is setuid games ?!
 uucp         1265  Misc. uucp bugs

Helmut Geyer, Helmut.Geyer@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de (2 bugs):
 ghostview    1225  ghostviewR6 bad name, depends on xbaseR6, ghostviewR5 exist
 xxgdb        1231  xxgdbR6 bad name, depends on xbaseR6, xxgdbR5 exists

Kenny Wickstrom <kenny@kennet.com> (2 bugs):
 tin          1619  tin depends on inn | inewsinn | inews
 tin          1753  trn recommends, instead of depends

Alvar Bray <alvar@meiko.co.uk> (2 bugs):
 man          1805  man package problem
 man          1841  man_db problems

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.north.de> (2 bugs):
 syslogd       786  syslogd gone awol
 syslogd      1813  /var/log/news should exist

dgregor@bronze.coil.com (D.J. Gregor) (2 bugs):
 cdtool       1322  cdtool: wrong permissions for manpages
 workbone     1381  workbone postinst fails

Christian Linhart <chris@horus.com> (2 bugs):
 tgif         1821  tgif should read /etc/papersize
 xarchie      1857  xarchie doesn't honour default archie server setting

(orphan) (2 bugs):
 inewsinn     1441  `inewsinn' should provide virtual package
 inewsinn     1752  inewsinn recommends trn

Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@lot49.med.miami.edu> (2 bugs):
 minicom      1661  minicom should use /etc for config files
 minicom      1679  Minicom has default lockfile in /var/spool/uucp

David Engel <david@ods.com> (3 bugs):
 expect       1836  expect core dumps
 snmp         1820  snmp postinst backgrounds start-stop-daemon ?
 snmp         1824  snmpd not killed by pre/post-rm, ignored SIGTERM

dgregor@coil.com (D.J. Gregor) (3 bugs):
 xfig         1224  xfig depends on xpmR6, xbaseR6
 xfig         1408  xfig always asks about colour/mono
 xfig         1453  `xfig' should depend on `X11R6'

jimr@simons-rock.edu (Robinson, Jim) (3 bugs):
 ifrench      1233  Bad french.hash file in ifrench.deb
 igerman, w   1793  german.hash has wron magic number
 wenglish      416  perl doesn't flush output automatically

mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com (Bill Mitchell) (4 bugs):
 ae           1724  unexpected keypress translations
 git          1848  git gets SIGV
 indent        850  [indent] option mentioned in documentation not supported
 mtools       1355  mformat does not work

Anders Chrigstrom <ac@netg.se> (5 bugs):
 bison        1553  Bison: #include problem
 bison        1554  Bison: confusing documentation
 bison        1769  bison files in /usr/share
 sendmail     1437  Debian sendmail
 sendmail     1657  Sendmail uses flock instead of fcntl and is setgid root

Sven Rudolph <sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de> (5 bugs):
 adduser      1534  adduser problems with home directories
 adduser      1711  adduser replaces NIS entries in /etc/passwd
 adduser? m   1708  `passwd' not interruptible when invoked by `adduser'
 bigloo       1354  bigloo: several problems (ELF, packaging, manpage)
 xonix        1377  xonix can't write its score file.

Andrew Howell <andrew@it.com.au> (6 bugs):
 rxvt         1161  rxvt manual page differs from implementation
 samba        1825  samba not completely killed by pre/post-rm
 tcsh          820  tcsh builtin `echo' doesn't check write errors
 xntp         1656  /etc/ntp.drift should be somewhere in /var (FSSTND)
 xntp         1770  xntp dumps core with kernel 1.3.35
 xtron        1703  xtron documentation

Peter Tobias <tobias@et-inf.fho-emden.de> (6 bugs):
 lpr           902  lpr can't print a PostScript file ?!
 lpr          1061  /etc/printcap vs. /usr/man/man5/printcap.5
 lpr          1093  lpd used lpf by default
 netstd       1563  finger
 netstd       1829  netstd_nfs reload kills mountd
 xwpe         1866  xwpe should depend on xcompat

Mike Deisher <deisher@dspsun.eas.asu.edu> (6 bugs):
 auto-pgp,    1672  non-free packages
 dialog       1623  dialog segfaults on illegal values
 dialog       1629  dialog copyright file
 dialog       1631  dialog doesn't handle dumb terminals well
 dosemu       1788  dosemu depends on xbaseR6
 dosemu       1791  dosemu troubles

Jim Robinson <jimr@simons-rock.edu> (7 bugs):
 mh            713  mh should pause after printing important message ?
 mh           1440  `mh' dependencies wrt mail
 mh           1780  mh looks in the wrong place for 'more'
 mh           1781  mh looks in the wrong place for 'more'
 pari         1842  pari's user-manual has a permission problem
 pbmplus      1115  pbmplus version number and PATH requirements
 term          421  unreasonable restriction on term

Carl Streeter <streeter@cae.wisc.edu> (13 bugs):
 elm          1227  elm recommends pgp
 elm          1456  `elm' depends on editors
 elm          1457  `elm' dependencies wrt mail
 ircii         981  irc package should ask for default server
 ircii        1173  ircII bug? ircII.servers
 perl         1099  perl bug
 perl         1170  perl fails to make headers first time...
 perl         1201  perl doesn't know about includes
 perl         1247  perl <...> globbing only works if (t)csh installed
 perl         1411  perlconfig misses an opportunity to use xargs
 perl         1519  perl postinst complains about not finding /usr/local/includ
 perl         1732  Bad arithmetic in new perl packages
 perl         1856  creating perl header files

Stephen Early <sde1000@hermes.cam.ac.uk> (16 bugs):
 xbase         725  twm places windows incorrectly
 xbase         740  xclock leaves `droppings' in its window
 xbase         773  xmh falls over if mh is not installed
 xbase         775  twm reports errors on incorrect line numbers
 xbase         923  xdm failed with `unknown session exit code'
 xbase        1537  /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults
 xbase        1558  xbase contains /dev/:0 -> /dev/console
 xbase        1621  Xmark has no manpage
 xbase        1652  xbase postinst doesn't restart xdm after upgrade
 xbase        1706  xterm sets wrong tty perms
 xbase        1765  /etc/init.d/xdm (and xfs) still sources /etc/init.d/functio
 xbase        1835  [branderhorst@fgg.eur.nl: PATH in pre,post inst,rm]
 xbase (?)    1847  xterm and TERM=linux
 xmono (I t   1142  xmono 3.1.1-3
 xstd         1277  installing kernel sources doesn't upgrade /usr/lib/X11/conf
 xstd         1819  X11 doesn't set a lock on the mouse port

Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de> (19 bugs):
 bibtex, kp   1429  several TeX packages Provide themselves
 dvipsk       1716  dvipsk recommends psfonts - nonexistent package
 dvipsk       1816  dvipsk recommends psfonts
 knews        1822  knews should read /etc/news/server
 knews        1861  knews does not use /etc/news/server
 knews        1862  knews does not need to depend on X11R6
 kpathsea     1858  kpathsea package does not install or maintain an ls-R datab
 kpathsea     1865  cmr10 at 10.0pt not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not found.
 ltxtool      1771  Legal problems with ltxtool
 ltxtool lt   1502  Uniform lists in debian.control
 mfbin        1686  psfonts.map can't be found
 mfbin        1687  postinst command not found
 texbin       1647  dpkg can present incorrect info for virtual packages.
 texbin       1653  Missing dvicopy(1) man page.
 texbin       1663  TeX comes without configuration script
 texbin       1664  TeX is lacking documentation on the setup
 texbin       1823  texbin postinst failed with error 1, no message
 xdvik        1562  xdvi installs man page in wrong place
 xdvik        1683  xdvik manpage in the wrong place

Ted Hajek <tedhajek@boombox.micro.umn.edu> (22 bugs):
 cern-httpd   1126  /usr/sbin/cgiparse -form doesn't work
 cern-httpd   1655  world-writable httpd pid file
 cern-httpd   1731  forwarded message from Cron Daemon
 cern-httpd   1767  cern-httpd installation
 cern-httpd   1778  Zombies from Cern-Httpd (solved)
 gopher-cli   1851  gopher-client-2.1.1 has quotes around version and revision 
 gopherd      1717  gopherd recommends freeWAIS - nonexistent package
 gopherd      1718  gopherd version has spurious quotes
 gs           1462  `gs' should provide virtual package
 gs           1506  ghostscript does not honour -dX0
 gsfonts      1112  a2gs output unusable by gs but usable by ghostview
 ncftp        1308  ncftp problems
 ncftp        1733  ncftp problems
 ncftp        1837  ncftp timeout is too short
 ncftp        1840  ncftp problems
 ncftp        1852  ncftp: cannot enter Incoming
 pico         1490  pico control file description problem
 pine          932  Pine over-encodes files and auto-requests document
 pine          933  Pine wants to post my email reply, and other problems
 pine          934  Pine `Full Header Mode' when reading a message doesn't work
 pine         1426  `pine' dependencies wrt mail
 svgalib       798  svgalib gets control key mucked up after console switch

Ian Jackson <iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk> (28 bugs):
 at           1423  `at' dependencies wrt mail
 cron         1681  Missing files
 dpkg          957  dpkg should automatically log everything
 dpkg         1037  dselect user interface (was Re: debian 0.93pl5 installation
 dpkg         1399  dselect error handling not consistent
 dpkg         1480  start-stop-daemon doesn't check process status
 dpkg         1482  dpkg --purge eats configuration files
 dpkg         1526  man dpkg(5) dpkg(8) dselect
 dpkg         1555  suggestion for dselect
 dpkg         1642  dpkg recursive package listing doesn't do the right thing
 dpkg         1670  start-stop-daemon is too slow
 dpkg         1705  dselect has a strange
 dpkg         1797  ELF conversion
 dpkg         1818  Perl perlconfig message
 dpkg         1844  md5sum has no manpage
 dpkg         1846  dselect "disk" access method doesn't like symbolic links
 info          889  Info 3.1-6
 info         1097  info-3.6-1 and manpages ...
 info         1434  `info' should provide virtual package
 pgp-i        1103  pgp-i won-t generate key
 psutils      1445  `psutils' should use `postscript-preview' virtual package
 smail        1481  smail paniclog suggestion
 smail        1693  forwarded message from Harald T. Alvestrand
 texidoc      1469  `texidoc' should use `info-browser' virtual packages
 texinfo      1427  `texinfo' should use `info-browser' virtual packages
 texinfo      1692  dselect problem (?)
 trn           825  trn warning messages corrupt thread selector display
 trn          1845  dead.letter and dead.article are world readable

Bruce Perens <Bruce@Pixar.com> (76 bugs):
 base         1682  serious permissions problems with base discs
 base         1699  Install/Config quirks: Missing secondary DNS server, NIS se
 base         1742  /dev/tty has wrong permissions
 base         1803  /etc/termcap linux definition incomplete
 base         1855  packages adding entries to /etc/group
 base (???)   1811  /etc/modules should allow options
 base?, per   1745  /bin/perl
 image        1020  kernel image hangs scsi controller
 image        1028  image package doesn't remove image.dep when it is removed
 image        1253  image 1.3.18 modules
 image        1606  image*.deb source - and diff! - missing
 image        1707  image 1.2.13-5 has no msdos.o
 image        1744  dpkg: cannot scan updates directory `/var/lib/dpkg/updates/
 image (?)     579  missing /usr/man/man8 manpages
 includes     1435  `includes' should provide virtual packages
 includes     1463  `includes' should provide virtual package
 includes     1826  `includes' creates /usr/doc/includes/COPYRIGHT
 includes     1849  includes,source do not conflict
 includes,    1216  kernel headers muck up /usr/src/linux
 miscutils     918  mkboot and image packages
 miscutils    1004  720/1200 Disk Format?
 miscutils    1137  fdisk missing documentation
 miscutils    1146  `mkfs' doesn't find /usr/local/bin/mkfs.msdos
 miscutils    1206  fdisk doesn't exit on EOF
 miscutils    1263  'login' doesn't work
 miscutils    1352  getty man page example does not apply
 miscutils    1505  setterm is missing
 miscutils    1520  mkboot won't make a boot floppy
 miscutils    1521  mkboot won't make a boot floppy
 miscutils    1523  Re-report of bug in /sbin/installkernel
 miscutils    1527  binary in source package
 miscutils    1552  miscutils/fdisk.c small fix
 miscutils    1659  MAKEDEV sets wrong tty perms
 miscutils    1698  Where is which?
 miscutils    1839  Getty doesn't work at high speeds
 miscutils?   1792  vipw, vigr missing
 mount         379  Repeatable mount(1) problem with removable disks
 mount         860  `only root can mount' can mean `already mounted'
 mount        1143  Cannot nfs mount a partition.
 mount        1363  mount error messages do not match problem
 mount        1422  mount(8) gives stupid error message
 mount        1515  mount -- wrong error msg
 ncurses-de   1066  ncurses-devel leaves behind old header files
 ncurses-de   1088  ncurses - segfault in wnoutrefresh in dpkg 0.93.53
 ncurses-de   1314  ncurses fails in silly way on TERM=dumb
 ncurses-de   1330  <ncurses/term.h> fails with C++, extern "C" missing
 ncurses-de   1331  terminfo(3ncurses) says <term.h>, but nonexistent
 ncurses-de   1338  ncurses apparently missing a man page
 ncurses-de   1359  man tgetent fails to find anything
 ncurses-de   1413  ncurses screen painting oddity in dselect
 ncurses-de   1641  ^Z doesn''t do the right thing under dselect
 ncurses-de   1645  termcap
 ncurses-de   1677  tgetent() returns unexpected error return codes
 ncurses-ru   1138  ncurses-runtime preinst unnecessarily slow
 ncurses-ru   1171  ncurses-runtime bug: clear
 ncurses-ru   1329  ncurses manpages - two infelicities
 ncurses-ru   1800  missing terminfo keydefs
 procmail     1455  `procmail' dependencies wrt mail
 setserial    1321  setserial: wrong permissions for manpages
 source       1530  Source doesn't seem to depend on bin86
 source       1759  running out of swap causes deadlock
 source       1777  Source not compiling properly?
 source       1802  source.deb package has unexpected Debian subdirectory
 source       1850  includes,source do not conflict
 sysvinit      944  clock (-u) question
 sysvinit     1078  Nasty bug in killall5
 sysvinit     1079  Scripts in /etc/init.d cannot be called directly
 sysvinit     1313  sysvinit-2.57b
 sysvinit     1396  System Hangs!
 sysvinit     1419  reboot too eager to reboot
 sysvinit     1420  reboot too eager to reboot
 sysvinit     1499  
 sysvinit     1666  C-A-D doesn't work after shutdown -h
 sysvinit     1784  /etc/init.d/functions and /etc/init.d/skeleton
 sysvinit     1859  Start/stop scripts do not work when not invoked by init
 sysvinit     1867  [hag@gnu.ai.mit.edu: a little bit of flamage about single u

(unknown) (84 bugs):
              1799  smail nameresloving problems
              1801  tar manpage missing
              1806  genksyms misplaced?
              1808  No boot parameters available on final boot disk
              1831  pgp-i bug..
              1832  Tar dumps core: film at 11
              1860  fdisk bugs
 (base)        797  /etc/termcap console keydefs for function keys
 (base)        836  Possible bugs in termcap system
 (base)        903  /dev miscellaney
 (base)        945  clock (-u) question
 (base)        997  Root Help Information Scrolls
 (base)        998  Can't Configure DOS Partitions
 (base)       1000  Reconfiguring and Duplicate Entries in /etc/networks
 (base)       1002  Shell Help Text: / vs. /root during install
 (base)       1003  Entry Not Added to fstab
 (base)       1022  No message for 'easy' pasword
 (base)       1032  Linux Counter Project Info Not Included
 (base)       1041  Debian printing problem
 (base)       1064  cfdisk problems with large drive
 (base)       1072  Base Reboot Message
 (base)       1077  /etc/init.d/boot cleanup questioned
 (base)       1346  Extra files in /usr/doc
 (base)       1376  base: dpkg warnings
 (base)       1470  many base packages not Essential
 (base)       1475  base disk (16th September) test install results
 (base)       1496  dpkg returns to dselect on SIGSTOP
 (base)       1541  root can't login on /dev/tty2 4 and 6
 (base)       1547  hostname -fqdn fails on the latest install disks
 (base)       1550  hostname -fqdn fails on the latest install disks
 (base)       1614  /etc/networks: localnet twice
 (base)       1617  R6 intstall from R5
 (base)       1618  netstd conffiles on basedisks??
 (base)       1814  Unexpected attempt to enable swap partition
 (bootdisk)   1127  0.93R6 install disks mishandle root disk problems
 (bootdisk)   1230  lilo-1.3.11 bootdisk 25th July fails
 (bootdisk)   1258  Loading Bug
 (bootdisk)   1373  bootdisk: BIOS32 message may confuse newbies
 (bootdisk)   1546  boot disk won't
 (general)    1510  prermission denied /usr/doc
 (project)    1065  Debian Maintainers FAQ
 (rootdisk)   1364  options 7 and 0 of install program don't work
 (rootdisk)   1372  rootdisk: no dvorak keytable
 (rootdisk)   1557  umount problem on install disks
 (rootdisk)   1604  cfdisk: data loss and failed install
 (www.debia   1436  mailing list archive minor infelicities
 ?            1794  /bin/sh is shell when none specified in /etc/passwd
 ax25-kerne   1467  `ax25-kernel-source', `ax25-util' should use virtual packag
 backup       1406  backup postrm can fail when it shouldn't
 bin86        1281  bin86
 diffutils    1087  no man page for diff
 disks        1772  boot, root, base disks need entries in ms-dos tree
 elf-libgdb   1761  error in elf-libgdbm postinst
 fvwmR5       1503  How to remove fvwmr5
 ghostscrip   1312  ghostscript-2.6.1pl4-4
 ghostviewR   1451  `ghostviewR6' conflict with ghostview &c
 gs_both       857  gs (2.6.1pl4-4) doesn't use /etc/papersize; -sPAPERSIZE not
 irc          1804  manpage of irc missing
 kernel/ter   1096  reset with terminal type 'linux' (termcap is broken)
 ncurses       731  ncurses wgetnstr doesn't work
 ncurses       841  dselect from dpkg 0.93.34 says "error opening terminal:  co
 ncurses      1332  ncurses tigetstr is not const-correct
 ncurses      1340  ncurses setupterm() handles unknown terminals badly.
 ncurses      1341  ncurses man pages confusing regarding #include files
 ncurses      1344  ncurses should have symlink clearok.3ncurses
 ncurses?      927  dselect display bug
 repair       1532  no revision number with repair
 sysklogd      835  syslogd dies, leaves system unfixable
 tgifR6       1407  tgifR6 prompts about paper size when /etc/papersize exists
 w3-el        1483  w3-el-2.2.16-1.tar.gz doesn't build
 w3-el        1675  w3-el-2.2.16-1.tar.gz doesn't build
 w3-el        1676  w3-el-2.2.16-1.tar.gz doesn't build
 w3-el        1678  w3-el: no install-info; elisp files; mailcrypt
 w3-el        1815  w3-el recommends netpbm | pbmplus
 x11/xbase    1690  XDM protection fault on X config error
 x11/xbase    1691  X config allows invalid numeric range
 xarchieR6     887  xarchie barfs when ftp closes unexpectedly
 xarchieR6    1275  xarchie clumsy with 2-button mouse
 xconfig       723  X server default configuration unnecessarily interlaced
 xdm          1798  /etc/login has no effect when using xdm from other machines
 xnest (doe   1620  Xnest missing
 xs3           710  X server problem with hardware mouse cursor (?) at low res
 xs3          1551  Any user can start X on the console
 xs3          1796  missing call to ntohs in X server

Ian Murdock <imurdock@debian.org> (133 bugs):
 acm          1366  acm networking problems
 amd          1398  amd problems
 amd          1700  amd might depend on NIS and should be started after after y
 amd          1701  AMD apparently does not support Netgroups!
 bash          818  bash builtin `echo' doesn't check write errors
 bash         1009  bash problem with quoting/completioon
 bash         1151  bash exit status incorrect - seriously affects dpkg upgrade
 bash         1549  bash should not have world-readable history
 bash         1624  thermal run away problem
 bash         1702  telnet+su root->thermal process
 bash         1714  bash is confused when breaking lines
 bash         1746  rsh <system> sh -i produces CPU hog
 bash         1757  Bash doesn't quote correctly
 bash         1834  [kubla@goofy.zdv.Uni-Mainz.de: /etc/profile on Debian Linux
 binutils     1108  No manpage ar(5)
 binutils     1303  `man 1 nm` slightly incomplete
 binutils     1477  ld -R coredumps
 binutils     1643  ld gets fatal eror when linking for profiling
 bsdutils      988  `script' is insecure, and general tty insecurity
 bsdutils     1207  cal produces malformed error message
 bsdutils     1513  /bin/kill segfaults if invoked instead of killall
 bsdutils     1630  wall moans about :0 too (was: forwarded message from Cron D
 bsdutils     1658  write: you have write permission turned off
 bsdutils     1764  /bin/kill segfaults
 bsdutils?    1545  `write' can't write to telnet logins
 chfn         1667  chsh can change the login shell to anything
 cpio          746  mt doesn't support setblk (and other options)
 cpio          785  mt problems
 cpio          824  cpio should have non-verbose, null-separated archive list o
 cpio         1291  mt program in cpio package doesn't behave as described on i
 cpio         1360  cpio -a option produces spurious messages on read-only fs
 emacs         808  Info anchors not active in emacs under X
 emacs        1449  `emacs' should provide virtual packages
 fileutils    1854  cp -dpR doesn't preserve ownership of symlinks
 findutils     702  locate crash with large db
 findutils    1239  /etc/cron.daily/find: updatedb doesn't exclude cdrom and ot
 findutils    1255  Automatic update of the locate database includes AFS and AL
 gawk          737  gawk references to `$0' in END rule give previous record
 gcc          1309  Problems with Debian: gcc or glib
 gdb           660  GDB gets address of structure member wrong in memory breakp
 glibcdoc     1468  `glibcdoc' should use `info-browser' virtual packages
 gnuchess     1748  gnuchess
 gzip         1090  Gzip 1.2.4-6
 gzip         1776  zless missing
 hostname     1094  Problem in reading the host name from file
 jargon       1425  `jargon' should use `info-browser' virtual packages
 kbd          1029  compile failed (both a.out and ELF)
 kbd          1048  kbd reinstall breaks console setup, setfont scrambles displ
 kbd          1181  `setfont' screws up my console display
 kbd          1785  Default font.
 kbd, xbase    759  /usr/bin/X11/showfont conflicts with /usr/bin/showfont
 libc          911  libc causes rsh to fail on commands with option arguments
 libc          991  libc unknown server error
 libc         1045  tgetflag("hc") segfaults (fwd)
 libc         1130  Stdlib.h problems when using gcc -O-traditional
 libc         1211  libc __nis_getgrnam() segfaults for dpkg when using NIS
 libc         1236  no gdbm man page in libc package
 libc         1279  Strangeness involving <bsd/signal.h>
 libc         1378  weird ELF/a.out difference
 libc         1432  `libc' should use `kernel-headers' virtual package
 libc         1607  sysinfo(2) documented and implemented but not in libc
 libc         1685  dpkg-split --msdos not correct
 libc         1741  getservbyport doesn't work
 libc         1774  <paths.h>: _PATH_DEFPATH contains `.'
 libc or sh    827  who reports wrong hostname (was: resolver problems FIXED!)
 libc? NIS?   1278  dpkg seg faults with NIS
 libg++       1416  libg++ asks silly question
 make          864  make gets MAKEFLAGS wrong
 make         1149  Make can't execute scripts
 manpages      784  Infelicities in fopen manpage
 manpages      844  readdir(3) should document struct dirent
 manpages      845  access(2) is ambiguous
 manpages      985  struct dirent is not documented in opendir/readdir/closedir
 manpages     1293  `man 2 signal` slightly incomplete
 manpages     1484  Original sources not available
 manpages     1843  /etc/ttytype missing or not needed?
 modules      1017  Kernel Module Errors on Upgrade
 modules      1031  problem w/ gcc-2.7.0?
 nas          1747  nas: no manpages for au available
 nvi          1071  nvi segfaults with unknown TERM
 nvi          1357  removing nvi removes vi
 nvi          1498  nvi-1.34.7 and termcap problem
 nvi          1740  nvi segfaults on unknown TERM
 pmake        1637  pmake 1.0-1
 ppp          1059  pppd's README needs updated
 ppp          1210  lost bug? ppp configuration ugliness
 ppp          1212  ppp configuration ugliness
 ppp          1251  ppp gives out password
 ppp          1272  More powerfull ppp-connect
 ppp          1443  `ppp' should depend on `netbase' ?
 ppp          1725  /etc/init.d/ppp still sources /etc/init.d/functions
 ppp          1827  dpkg --purge ppp doesn't purge /etc/ppp
 ppp, sourc   1795  Paths inconsistent in kernel and pppd
 procps        662  top doesn't behave sensibly if fields overflow
 procps        729  Bizarre corrupted output from top
 procps       1016  top has 3's in vt100
 procps       1176  /usr/bin/top segfault with unknown terminal
 procps       1238  top fails to get terminal size from termcap/terminfo
 procps       1240  ps(1) man page incomplete
 procps       1246  ps man page does not agree with implementation
 procps       1336  CFLAGS shouldn't be used when linking
 procps       1337  Improper use of sscanf in procps
 procps       1533  `w' produces bogus login@, idle time &c for xdm login entry
 procps       1713  procps: manpage doesn't tell the truth
 procps       1853  top fails after 130 processes?
 shellutils    821  /bin/echo doesn't check write errors
 shellutils    853  `nice' does not do anything
 shellutils   1164  who --help uses /etc/{w,u}tmp
 shellutils   1297  nohup doesn't seem to work
 shellutils   1560  `su' produces incomplete log entries when not in ordinary s
 shellutils   1616  'who' can't find utmp
 sudo         1162  sudo: syslog and hostname problems
 tar           563  tar -x fails to overwrite or check for symlinks
 tar           783  tar --same-order doesn't work
 tar           817  tar -T /dev/null extracts whole archive !
 tar           819  tar should have null-separated archive list option
 tar           822  tar -t doesn't check write errors on stdout
 tar          1085  no man page for tar
 tar          1102  tar v 1.11.8 gives a segmentation fault error
 tar          1110  tar coredumps when given incorrect arguments
 tar          1144  tar --listed-incremental doesn't restore renames
 tar          1174  tar gives `Visible longname error'
 tar          1353  tar has no manual page
 tar          1358  tar can't extract device numbers stored using cpio -Hustar
 tar          1750  tar doesn't handle default remote arguments
 textutils     691  textutils package, fmt(1) program
 textutils    1812  Cut in textutils with fields
 timezone     1229  Timezone data out-of-date
 timezone     1789  time zone files not right
 xboard       1371  cmail program in xboard.deb fails
 xboard       1459  `xboard' should depend on `X11R6'
 xpm          1370  xpm problam
 xsvga        1292  X locks up

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