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Re: dselect CD-ROM / hard disk / NFS method

On Wed, 15 Nov 1995, Ian Jackson wrote:

> If it sees what looks like a Debian mirror of some kind (possibly in a
> `debian' subdirectory) and has `stable' and `development'
> subdirectories it will offer the user the choice between the stable
> tree and the development one, rather than requiring them to specify
> the pathname themselves.  (The user will still be able to specify a
> different pathname if they want to.)
> [...]
> So, in summary, the script will look for trees named
>   stable
>   development
>   contrib
>   non-free
> and in each tree will it look for
>   binary
>  and
>   binary/Packages
>  or
>   binary/Packages.gz
> It will look for these trees in the root of the installation
> filesystem, or in a subdirectory `debian' of that filesystem.

"it" is dselect, right?  Unless I misunderstand, that's what it
looks like to the user.

Could we have a dselect(1) or dsleect(8) man page which explains
such things as this, or points the user to another man page which
explains them?

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