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Bug#1858: kpathsea package does not install or maintain an ls-R database

Matthew Swift writes:
> I recommend that a script like the following, called something like
> 'maintain-texmf', be included with kpathsea.deb, run during its
> postinst, and that a link be placed to the script in cron.daily or
> cron.weekly.  (I do not feel strongly about the (new) user group
> "texmf"; it's only what I prefer.)

The convention in Debian seems to be that these kind of things are all
called update-<foo>, so update-texmf would probably be better ...

> # ensure proper permissions and ownership
> chown --recursive root:texmf $DIRS
> chmod --recursive ug=rwX,o=rX $DIRS

Our packaging guidelines say that the things should be owned by
root.root in general.  Is there a good reason to use a new group ?


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