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Bug#1858: kpathsea package does not install or maintain an ls-R database

Package: kpathsea
Version: 2.6-1

The presence of an up-to-date ls-R database, while not necessary,
drastically improves the efficiency of the TeX system.  The kpathsea
package should create one on installation and have cron maintain it.
All packages that install into the /usr/lib/texmf tree should rebuild
the database at the postinst stage.

I recommend that a script like the following, called something like
'maintain-texmf', be included with kpathsea.deb, run during its
postinst, and that a link be placed to the script in cron.daily or
cron.weekly.  (I do not feel strongly about the (new) user group
"texmf"; it's only what I prefer.)


# maintain-texmf: maintain the kpathsea ls-R database

DIRS="/usr/local/lib/texmf $TEXROOT"

# rebuild the ls-R database
ls --dereference --recursive $DIRS > $TEXROOT/ls-R

# ensure proper permissions and ownership
chown --recursive root:texmf $DIRS
chmod --recursive ug=rwX,o=rX $DIRS

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