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Bug#1840: ncftp problems

Package: ncftp
Version: 2.1.0

It is very easy to confuse ncftp into refusing to allow ^Z to suspend
the process.

One way I have done this follows (hard to represent visual mode, sorry):
cjf@syntropy:~$ ncftp
> o ftp.debian.org
> cd /debian/debian-1.0/source

Now ^Z won't suspend the session any more.  Interestingly, ^Z worked
before the last typed command.

There are several other sequences of ncftp commands that will also
suspend ^Z.  Strangely, ^Z generally works just when the program is
first started.

Also, ^W doesn't work, readline only partially works.  Hmm, so much is
wrong one might suspect curses or ncurses.

I haven't even created a .netrc or .ncftprc config file yet - this is
virgin debian ncftp.

This is under debian 0.93R6, kernel 1.2.13, and libc 4.6.27.

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