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Bug#1801: tar manpage missing

> I am considering starting a project which would:
> a) define a standard template for man pages in Linux.  I know it would
> appear that one already exists, but it turns out that what really, really
> exists is a good overall description of what should be included in the
> man pages (in /usr/doc/HOWTO/Mini/Manpages), but that's leaves room
> for ambiguities, and I believe a template would be a very useful addition.

You know, it would be _really_ cool if somebody wrote an emacs macro
or perl script that let you just call up an editor for the various
sections of a man page, and then have it automatically make the proper
nroff manpage.

> b) begin the slow, laborious process of writing new manpages where they
> don't exist, then start re-formatting existing man pages to a standard
> template.

Wow.  Lots of work, you should talk to the current manpage gurus who
maintain man-pages (v1.8).


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