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ldconfig not found, bad path

Hi all,

I had a slightly corrupted profile for root yesterday in which the
path wasn't set for the sbin directory's (/sbin, /usr/sbin). Because
of this an `ldconfig' command from some {pre,post}{inst,rm} script
wasn't succesfull. Can we solve this?

Adding the path for the command to be executed: /usr/sbin/ldconfig.

Temporary modifications of the path in {pre,post}{inst,rm} script:

Temporary modifications of the path from dpkg and friends.

Don't anticipate on this and assume I'm the only one who's stupid
enough to corrupt his profile.


Erick Branderhorst@heel.fgg.eur.nl +31-10-4635142
Department of General Surgery (Intensive Care) University Hospital Rotterdam NL

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