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Re: 1.0 issues: Packaging (esp. source)

> We have a list at Pixar that could serve the purpose - debian-dpkg
> isn't used for anything much at the moment.
> I think it would be good for the Red Hat people to have their own list
> - that way we can choose to crosspost or not to crosspost.  I expect
> that most of our messages would be crossposted.
> (I've seen the effects of trying to get two initially-separate groups
> to agree to compromise by having them all use one mailing list, on the
> FSSTND group.  Having nowhere to say `is this really a good idea' and
> get reassurance and sound arguments from people one knows without
> feeling impeded by the presence of the `other side' doesn't seem to
> help.  Or, well, it didn't seem to help for me personally.)

Agreed on all counts.

We have mailing list: rpm-list@redhat.com which would be appropriate.
To subscribe, mail rpm-list-request@redhat.com with "subscribe" in
the subject line.  Feel free to cc the list and/or subscribe, and
I'll do the same with debian-dpkg.


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