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Bug#1805: man package problem

Hi Stuart,

Hmmm I dont know what why you are seing this problem. I have just
installed a pristine system here for a co-worker and I dont see the
same problem with his machine - the index.db file is created OK (in
the correct /var/catman dir). I dont have my sources here at work so I
will have to look some more when I get home. In the mean time if you
are still having this problem could you please strace the man
executable, gzip and uuecode the output, and mail it to me so I can
see what is happening.

eg% strace -f -o /tmp/strace /usr/bin/man foo

Does you man executable have the following permissions?

alvar@omega: ls -l /usr/bin/man
-rwsr-xr-x   1 man      root        65540 Sep 20 19:54 /usr/bin/man

Has your machine always had this problem?

Does man work OK for the superuser (root)?

Has anyone else seen this problem?

You may like to deinstall --purge the man package and reinstall it
again and see it the problem goes away.


Alvar Bray

Meiko Limited        Phone:    +44 1454 616171
650 Aztec West       Fax:      +44 1454 618188
Bristol BS12 4SD     E-Mail:   alvar@meiko.co.uk
England              WWW:

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