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Re: packaging X things

Sven Rudolph writes ("Re: packaging X things"):
> Andrew D. Fernandes <adfernan@cnd.mcgill.ca> writes:
> > I am in the process of packaging up x3270 for debian, and while I have built 
> > X-stuff via imake before, I have never had to modify things.
> > 
> > Until now.
> > 
> > Is there an easy way of modifying the (i)makefiles to install the software in
> > a non-root subdirectory, but make sure that these paths don't get compiled
> > into the program, or am I going to have to bite the bullet and comb the
> > source by hand and by grep?
> The Makefiles made by imake use the symbol DESTDIR, which is a prefix
> to all file names and not defined by default.  [...]

In general the best advice in your situation is to look at the
Makefiles and see if you can set a variable of some kind - that's how
it's done with the example package, GNU hello.

If there isn't a suitable variable and adding one is too hard and
likely to cause failed patches in the future you may have to resort to
seddery on the Makefiles - I had to do this for trn.  Believe me, you
do not want to go this way unless you don't have any other way :-).


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