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Bug#1793: german.hash has wron magic number

> Package: igerman, wgerman

> Running Ispell with the supplied german.hash gives the error message:
>   Illegal format hash table /usr/lib/ispell/german.hash - \
>   expected magic2 0x9602, got 0x0

> Rebuilding german.hash with buildhash succeeds but gives error messages
> on all words containing umlauts.

This sounds like a classsic 7bit or 8bit problem.  I think you
probably have 'aff and list' files for a 7 bit character set, and
ispell has been compiled to use 8 bit.

Look in the word list file for the umlaut representation.  If they're
":o" or such like, try replacing them with the appropriate 8 bit
character, and then rebuild the hash file from the new 8 bit list.

Is this an old igerman.deb file (pre September)?  I didn't notice
anyone releasing new language ispell dictionaries.

I'll try to upload a guide to ftp.debian.org later tonight...


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