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Re: Release management and package announcements

   Date: Wed, 1 Nov 95 22:05 GMT
   From: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>

   Bruce Perens writes ("Re: debian-1.0 "):
   > imurdock@debian.org said:
   > > it might create problems for the mirrors.
   > I think that while it is in its current state, 1.0 should not be where
   > mirrors will find it unless they are explicitly looking for it. That
   > means put it under private/project or something. We can have a few
   > designated mirror sites for it in various places, but we certainly
   > don't need as many as are currently mirroring 0.93R6 .

   I disagree.  I think that 1.0 should be created immediately as a copy
   of 0.93R6, and put into public view.

   1.0 is going to be our bleeding edge release, and we want adventurous
   people to come and test it and report the bugs.  This will help us
   find the integration problems &c before we have the whole user
   community jumping on us.  It'll also make it much easier when we want
   to release it - we can just repoint a few symlinks, rather than upset
   all the mirrors again.

I agree with Ian--putting the debian-1.0 tree under private makes it
difficult for it to double as our bleeding edge a.out distribution.
(If we had a separate a.out bleeding edge tree, I'd agree with Bruce.
I'm not sure what we've decided to do about it.)

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