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fvwm version 2

In the reasonably near future fvwm version 2 will be released (ie,
within the next few weeks, I am told).

fvwm 2 has a radically different ~/.fvwmrc format, such that everyone
will need to modify theirs before being able to even use fvwm2.

The fvwm2 distribution will come with a shell script that does a
simple-minded conversion from your old ~/.fvwmrc to the new style.

Recognising the difficulty in moving over, the default way of building
fvwm results in an fvwm2 binary, and the new rc file as
~/.fvwm2rc. The system-wide directory is also differently named.  This
is in a bid to make the new & old versions co-exist happily.

I'd like people's opinions: should I package up fvwm2 as 'just an
upgrade' to the fvwm package - or should I make it a _new_ package,
fvwm2, allowing both to co-exist on a Debian system ?

Personally, I think a new package is the way to go.

Comments ?


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