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Re: Debian for Linux/{non-i386} / source packaging

On Tue, 31 Oct 1995, David Engel wrote:

>First, I prefer to go with unmodified, upstream source.  Second, I
>really mean unmodified, i.e.. the Debianizing script (or whatever) must
>take care of unpacking into subdirectories, if necessary. 

I'll go further and say that I think that any approach that does not
include as one of its goals the ability to work with totally virgin source
archives is a total waste of time because it doesn't buy us enough to
justify the work. 

So if we start from the assumption that we will have a separate, totally
unmodified source .tar.gz, that means we will have at a minimum two files. 

So, what can we have that other file to be?

I would propose that it be a script (humanly readable, though it doesn't 
have to be the prettiest thing around) that knows how to create a 
directory, unpack the virgin sources into that directory, and then patch 
the sources from patches included in its body.

Seems to me that this doesn't have to be particularly hard, so I must be 
missing something, right?

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