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Re: Debian for Linux/{non-i386} / source packaging

> > 2. It would also be good to have the same thing as above, but to
> > produce the upstream source.
> > 2a. That upstream source should be unmodified.
> A 'unmodified upstream source + unpack/patch thingy' would not conflict
> with 1(alt).
> > 3. All of the ways of unpacking our source packages should unpack into
> > a subdirectory, and there should be a consistent naming scheme for
> > those subdirectories.

I just want to add a couple of things to this debate and then I'll go
back to lurking on this thread.  First, I prefer to go with
unmodified, upstream source.  Second, I really mean unmodified,
i.e.. the Debianizing script (or whatever) must take care of unpacking
into subdirectories, if necessary.

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