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Bug#1647: dpkg can present incorrect info for virtual packages.

Some time ago, in response to Bug#1647, I wrote:
> Bill Mitchell writes:
> > I haven't seen this show up on debian-devel.  I think Ian J. has
> > closed this bug report.  Perhops the buglist doesn't forward
> > comments regarding closed bugreports to the list.  Anyhow,
> > here it is.
> I've seen it show up on debian-devel, and I've followed up to it.
> I meant to close the bug report, but didn't do so.  I'm not doing so
> now because it's not clear that there isn't an infelicity in the TeX
> packages' conflicts/dependencies.

Bill: can you see whether the original problem is still there ?

I'm going to reassign this bug to the texbin package in the meantime,
as I don't think there's a problem with dpkg here.


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